VEHICLE MODIFICATIONS for Driving Instructors

Franks Engineering is a specialist in the conversion of all types of vehicles to dual controls for driving instructors. We list most major driving schools in our list of customers as well as new car dealers. The system, perfected over many years, is completely mechanical using metal rods rather than cables to reduce the amount of maintenance required. The only recommended maintenance for this system is a regular spray of CRC (or similar) to keep the rods lubricated.

 The price for the conversion includes:                                                  

  • Dual Accelerator                                                                                                                                
  • Dual Brake                                                                              
  • Dual Clutch (in manual vehicles)
  • Buzzer Kit
  • L Plates and brackets





Dual Controls fitted to an Automatic Car


Dual Controls fitted to a Manual Car                


Fold Down Roof Sign

Driving School Car with dual controls & Fold Down Roof Sign




               Magnetic Roof Sign        Driver Under Instruction                    Driver Under Assessment 
L Plates & Brackets

L Plates Only

  Panaramic Mirror Set

The following items can be supplied at a Additional Cost:

Driver Under Instruction Plates -  fit over existing L Plates

  • Magnetic Roof Signs
  • Fold Down Roof Signs
  • Mirrors 
  • Driver Under Instruction Plates



Your Number Plates could be STOLEN and used in a Crime.

So take a moment to secure your plates with anti-theft one-way screws. Too busy?

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(free for Frank's Engineering P/L customers only, charges apply to others)


SECURE you plates easily with anti-theft one-way screws.

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