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Frank’s Engineering offers the best service and advice for disabled driving aids in Melbourne. We are experts in modifying any type of vehicle to make it safer and more comfortable to drive based on individual’s needs. Additionally, we specialise in converting all types of vehicles to dual controls for driving instructors. Since 1986, we have had to opportunity to gain respect and trust in our community of Melbourne, allowing us to grow and improve.

In May 2015, we were able to move to larger premises at 135 Bakers Road North Coburg Vic 3058. As a well-established company, you can trust that we are honest, transparent, and professional. Whether your requirements are big or small, we have the expertise to get the job done

If you’ve been looking for expert, personalised Vehicle Modification services for Disabled Drivers, look no further than Frank’s Engineering P/L.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re open five days a week, Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Yes, you will need to arrange with us beforehand. Please use the Contact Us page and complete the booking form.

Disability Vehicle Modification Resources for Melbourne Drivers

We understand that modifying your vehicle can be a costly process. There is funding available to physically disadvantaged citizens from a number of bodies throughout Victoria and Australia.

Explore the following resources to find out more.


Check if you are eligible for funding from:

  • Check NDIS Website for funding information:
  • Subsidy Scheme (VMSS). The VMSS is part of the Victorian Aids & Equipment Program & is funded by the Victorian Department of Human Services. Eligible drivers/passengers with permanent disabilities living in Victoria may receive a subsidy of up to $10,000 (over a seven year period) for the cost of certain modifications. The VMSS website has detailed information:
  • The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) will pay for treatment & benefits for people injured in transport accidents.
  • Other insurers if you have a compensable injury (e.g.: worker’s compensation)
  • Employment Assistance Fund (a Commonwealth Government scheme which funds some work related expenses, including vehicle modifications). Further information is available from:
  • Department of Veterans Affairs Rehabilitation Appliances Program which funds vehicle modifications for eligible veterans. See link:

Who is eligible?

A vehicle modification subsidy is now available for Victorian residents with a permanent or long term disability who meet the eligibility criteria of the Aids & Equipment Program (A & EP)

The subsidy will assist:

  • People requiring vehicle modifications to drive their primary vehicle due to their disability
  • People with a disability requiring modifications to travel as passengers in their primary vehicle.

For more information and advice:

  • Occupational Therapists – speak to an occupational therapist at your local health centre or hospital or ask your doctor to refer you to one. OT – Australia: Victoria can provide information on how to find an OT generalist or driver assessor.
  • RACV – advice on vehicle choice, car running costs.
  • Vic Roads – medical review, licensing, registration of vehicles with modifications, child seating & restraints.
  • VMSS – funding scheme details, application forms, general advice:
  • Disabled Motorists Association– general advice about modifying vehicles, what the process entails, referral to driver assessment & retraining services, hire/purchase of wheelchair accessible vehicles, phone 03 9386 0413
  • TAC – for people injured in traffic accidents there is information on eligibility for compensation, application forms & vehicle modifications:
  • Support/advocacy groups for people with disabilities – e.g.: AQA
  • NDIS -Frank’s Engineering P/L is an approved & registered provider for NDIS Australia.

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Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Driver

Vic Roads has different licensing provisions that permit individuals with disabilities to be independent drivers. This may include requirements pertaining to the driver (e.g: prosthesis must be worn) or the car (e.g: must have certain modifications). All drivers in Australia have a legal obligation to advise their state licensing authority of any long – term or permanent medical condition or disability that might impact upon their driving abilities. Failing to report may mean driving illegally – car insurance could be affected & drivers risk fines or prosecutions.


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